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Government guidelines for keeping your office clean:

1. Frequent cleaning of work areas and         equipment between uses.


2. Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, such as door handles and keyboards, and making sure there are adequate disposal arrangements.


3. Clearing work spaces and removing waste and belongings from the work area at the end of a shift.


4. Limiting or restricting use of high-touch items and equipment, for example, printers or whiteboards.


5. Enhancing cleaning for busy areas.


6. Regular hand washing.

Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

We provide affordable commercial office cleaning services, from large to small offices; we are here to help keep your work place clean and tidy to save you time.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you choose us to do your office cleaning we will be responsible for cleaning the floors, walls, inside windows and furniture.

Office cleaners will vacuum carpets, mop, wipe down window sills, dust electronic equipment, empty bins, skirting boards, remove cobwebs, clean bathrooms and kitchen.

However large or small your business is M&M Cleaners Wirral knows how important it is to have a clean and tidy working environment. Cleanliness can be a very important factor for good employee performance in any working environment.

We will provide all the cleaning equipment, unless you ask us to use your own equipment.

Whether it’s early morning, during working hours or if it’s better suited in the evening, we can pick up the cleaning schedule at the most convenient time for the business. Everyday visits or weekend cleaning slots are also available.

Office cleaning wirral

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